The History of the LEES meeting

The first LEES meeting was organized in Bad Honnef (Germany) in 1993 under the name “International Workshop on Infrared and Millimeter Waves Spectroscopy“.

In its second edition, two years later, dielectric impedance spectroscopy was included in the main topics of the conference, now renamed “Low Energy Electrodynamics in Solids“.

Since then, 11 other editions of this conference happened and other spectroscopic low energy techniques, such as STM and ARPES became commonly present.

Previous LEES meetings were held at:

LEES 16 Lake Biwa, Japan (2016)
Org: S. Tajima, S. Kimura & H. Okamura
LEES 14 France (2014)
Org: A. Sacuto, P. Roy, R.P.S.M Lobo,
P. Bourges & F. Gervais
LEES 12 Napa, CA, USA (2012)
Org: D.N. Basov & M.C. Martin
LEES 10 Les Diablerets, Switzerland (2010)
Org: D. van der Marel
LEES 08 Vancouver-Whistler, Canada (2008)
Org: A. Damascelli, D. Broun, & D. Bonn
LEES 06 Tallinn, Estonia (2006)
Org: T. Rõõm & G. Blumberg
LEES 04 Kloster Banz, Germany (2004)
Org: M. Dressel, C. Bernhard, & R. Claessen
LEES 02 Montauk, NY, USA (2002)
Org: L. Mihály, G.L. Carr, & P.D. Johnson
LEES 99 Pécs, Hungary (1999)
Org: K. Kamarás
LEES 97 Ascona, Switzerland (1997)
Org: L. Degiorgi & P. Wätcher
LEES 95 Trest, Czech Republic (1995)
Org: J. Petzelt & J. Fousek
LEES 93 Bad Honnef, Germany (1993)