Preliminary List of Topics [.pdf file]


  1. Cuprates, Iron-based, and Hydrogen-based superconductors 
  2. Plasmonics and Metamaterials 
  3. Topological, Dirac and Weyl electronic states 
  4. Low-Dimensional Superconductors (thin films, dichalcogenides, heterostructures) 
  5. Metal-to-Insulator transition and Transition metal oxides 
  6. Multiferroics & Ferroelectrics 
  7. Magnetism and Spin-Orbit interaction 
  8. Pump-Probe Optical Spectroscopy 
  9. Graphene and 2D materials 
  10. New Research Infrastructures 
  11. High Intensity Terahertz Radiation: research and applications 

Invited Talks of 30 minutes (25 +5 min. of questions) and Oral presentations (15 +5 min. of questions) are planned for daytime sessions. Ample time will be dedicated to  discussion, to facilitate exchange of ideas and cross-fertilization. Poster (70×100 cm) presentations will be held in the afternoons/evenings and will be on display from Monday to Thursday.